About Me

My name is Aaron Sickman and I’m a Grip and Electric with IATSE 487, located in the DMV area. After graduating from Towson University with a EMF degree, I have worked on a wide range of shows from television to features and am currently pursuing becoming a Chief Lighting Technician for tier 3 films.

I am passionate about the art of painting with light and understand the impact that lighting can have on a film. While I enjoy all types of films, movies, TV Shows, and anime I am particularly drawn to anything that tells a great story while accenting and revealing it through lighting. Because of this I lean more towards dramas over comedies, however I have experience working on all types of films.

The powerful combination of a great story and riveting aesthetics (i.e. Cowboy Bebop or Spectre) is what I aim to achieve in my daily work and some sources of inspiration for me include the work of Corry Geryak and  John Higgins.